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Antique Bathroom Vanities

Antique Vanities from Bathroom Vanities Only

Finding the perfect antique bathroom vanity is easier than ever before, thanks to Bathroom Vanities Only. Gone are the days of endlessly searching through warehouse after warehouse in search of the perfect addition to your bathroom. At Bathroom Vanities Only, we're happy to provide you with a wide selection of vanities in one convenient place, and at prices you can afford.

If you'd like to enjoy a clutter free grooming area, opt for an antique vanity with double sinks; ideal for a couple sharing a bathroom, double sink vanities provide enough space for two to use the area simultaneously, and ensure you'll have access to plenty of storage space. You can add a twist to your vanity by extending the storage space even further. This can be done by purchasing vanities with a side cabinet.

For a more traditional look, consider a built-in vanity with cabinetry painted the same color as the walls. Choosing classic countertops, like marble, adds an elegant touch, and a mirrored medicine cabinet can add a touch of storage space that's as chic as it is practical.

A perk of purchasing an antique vanity from Bathroom Vanities Only is that our vanities are modern vanities made in the style of antique furniture -- they're built with modern standards, are designed for modern plumbing, and are as easy to install as they are to keep clean. Antique vanities from Bathroom Vanities Only are typically made with wood that has been treated and sealed to prevent damage from steam, moisture, and soap scum. If properly cared for, vanities purchased from Bathroom Vanities Only can last generations.

With warm cherry, ivory or dark mahogany finishes, antique vanities are perfect for colonial-style homes or those homes with more traditional decor. For more than decade, we've been dedicated to bringing you the best bathroom vanities, in sizes and styles to fit every bathroom.

If you're considering incorporating an antique vanity into your bathroom, browse our selection today, find the vanity you've always dreamed of, and enjoy free shipping on orders to the continental United States.